Patricia Loomis, an original member of the San Jose Historical Museum, contributed two membership premium books for the museum: Signposts and Signpost II, a compilation of articles she wrote once a week for the Mercury News from 1971 to 1979. Neither book is now available.

She also wrote A Walk Through the Past, a history of Oak Hill Cemetery and pioneer families buried there, a book on Milpitas and another on San Jose Airport.

Pat was also an enthusiastic member of two committees of the Museum: the Book Committee, which selected the membership premiums for each year; and the Development Committee, which was involved in needed repairs, restoration of buildings on the grounds, and planned projects to enhance the Museum

She spearheaded the painting of the interior of the Chiechi House, leading many volunteers from Clyde Arbuckle’s history group, “The Argonauts.” She organized the Argonauts to participate in building a tool shed for garden tools and equipment. She decorated the exterior with antique farming and gardening equipment and named the shed “Taj Jr.” (after Taj Mahal).

Pat is an avid gardener who made sure “heirloom” and “old” varieties grew in the Museum’s garden. For example, she planted an elderberry tree, an old and useful variety. The garden was a big hit with visitors, especially at Halloween when tombstones with weird names and sayings dotted the garden.