2012 Austen Warburton Award

Milt “Tim” Peddy

Tim is descendant of members of the 1775 Anza Expedition and the 1781 Rivera Expedition. He was born in San Jose in 1936, began school soon thereafter, and has been in school ever since – learning just about everything at night schools and adult education. He has expertise in electronics, business, quality control, web design, photography, writing, astronomy, large equipment repair, office management, radio, navigating the streets of our valley, history, computers, and he can fix just about anything.

At the Paulson House Museum, he has fixed everything from the irrigation system to the elevator! After helping many of San Jose nonprofit’s, he has become a tsunami-like force for the Pioneers. He serves as our webmaster, a member of the In Grave Danger Gang, served on the Board of Directors, served as 1st Vice President for years, was the manager of our Paulson House Museum, and chaired these committees: Pioneer Luncheons, Hacienda Cemetery, Events, and Admissions Day BBQ. Tim presently sits on these committees: Inventory, Acquisitions, Library, Archives, Bylaws, Publications, Films, School Programs, Budget, and Paulson House.

The Warburton Award is reserved for those who also contribute significantly to the community at large. Tim has volunteered at History San Jose, Argonauts, San Jose High School, Woodrow Wilson Jr. High, and the California Historical Society.

He has received awards for his stellar efforts. He and his equally awesome wife Barbara established the San Jose High School Heritage Room, raise funds, and chair mega-reunions. Always there to lend a hand, he builds wheelchair ramps for neighbors in need, and drives many people to their medical appointments. Tim collects old maps of San Jose and maintains a website to share his collection with others. He and Barbara were blessed with six children, many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Tim is thoughtful, has common sense, and is a pleasure to be with.

Everything he does, he does right. We are thrilled to have Tim on board, and he certainly earned the Austen Warburton Award.

-Paul Bernal